BI Salary Solutions
BI Salary is a Negotiated Overdraft Limit available in a Demand Deposit account that allows the anticipation of domiciled income: Wages, pensions, retirement and other regular income.
Consumption Loans
Credit intended for individuals with fixed income or income-generating activities, for the purchase of consumer goods.
Financing for sale and establishing a direct link between financing and construction.
Personal Loans
Consult the Salary BI, Crediconsumo and Credit BI Salary Solutions
Loans BI Salary
It is a credit in the form of an advance on income, which aims to provide resources to assume various expenses.
Ponte Praia
Get to know the most recent urban development project in Praia City - Ponte Praia - a condominium located a few minutes from the center of the city of Praia, Nelson Mandela International Airport, and one of the best beaches on the island, São Francisco.