BI Savings Account

BI Savings Account

Shield by shield... The art of saving!

If you want to see your savings grow, create a BI Savings Account.
At Banco Interatlântico, you will discover the art of saving with the best remuneration and flexibility conditions.



From 50 thousand escudos create your Conta BI Poupança, a term application that, with total flexibility, allows you to gather several deposits in a single account, through reinforcements that can be made at any time. It enjoys guaranteed remuneration based on permanence, similar to other term deposits.

Who is it for?

Private Customers: Residents, Non-Residents and Emigrants.

Interest Rates

Interest rate 1.125% (table in force).


12 months. renewable

Periodic Deliveries


Interest Payments

Interest is calculated and paid in the following manner:

  • At the end of the term and credited to your DO account

Shield by shield, increase your savings.

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