who is the Immigrant

A Cape Verdean emigrant is considered to be an individual born in Cape Verde who maintains Cape Verdean nationality or not, as long as he proves that he has permanent residence abroad.

Equated to Emigrants:

  • Direct descendants of emigrants up to 2nd degree;
  • Pensioners and retirees who have been emigrants, as well as their spouses, provided they receive pensions or similar income in foreign currency;
  • Widower of emigrants;
  • Cape Verdeans who work at sea in the service of foreign ships.

Emigrant Quality Test

To benefit from the advantages established for emigrants (interest rates, preferences and tax benefits), it is necessary to update the proof of emigrant quality annually, presenting or sending the following documents to Banco Interatlântico:

  • National or foreign passport;
  • Identity card or CNI.
  • Work permit and up-to-date residence certificate;
  • If it is not possible to present these documents, you must present a certificate, issued by the Cape Verdean diplomatic or consular authority, proving that you reside abroad and that you have been working for more than one year.