Demand Deposit

Demand Deposit

The Demand Deposit Account can be operated using the Vinti4 Card

The Demand Deposit Account, whether in national or foreign currency, is an account that can be operated using the Vinti4 Card, check, Bin@net or deposit slip directly at BI branches.



This account can function as a support account for cards, credit operations or financial investments. It also allows the domiciliation of periodic expenses and salaries, as well as the payment of services.

Target market

Individuals, Emigrants and Companies.

Minimum Opening Amount

10,000 ECV or equivalent amount.

Form of Movement

Checks, deposit/withdrawal slip, checks, vinti4 card or Bin@net.

Documentation required

  • Completing the Account Opening forms, which can be obtained directly from the website, and delivered to one of the Bank's branches.
  • Photocopy of identity card or photocopy of passport if you are a non-resident of Cape Verde;
  • For non-residents, Account Opening forms can be sent by Fax (261 47 52), along with a copy of your passport. The Original must be sent, by post, to the Agency where you intend to house your account.


  • Opening of accounts related to credit operations, financial investments and other BI products and services;
  • Domiciliation of periodic expenses and salaries;
  • Payment for services;
  • Card support.