Microcredit Line

Microcredit Line

Special Line

The microcredit line aims to boost micro-entrepreneurship activities, sustainable financing for self-employment, youth entrepreneurship and women's empowerment, within a framework of facilitating access to financing for entrepreneurs with smaller and less adapted activities and/or projects. to other existing financing instruments.


Target Audience

  • Micro entrepreneur
  • Eligible Organization


  • Until 550,000 CVE


  • Micro entrepreneur: Natural or legal person who carries out commercial activities involving the production of goods or services and commerce, whose annual net revenue does not exceed 5,000,000 CVE and who employs up to 5 workers;
  • Eligible organization: Entities constituted as a non-profit legal entity, partnership of people or other organizations that are subject to credits, provided that all members are micro entrepreneurs.

Eligible Investments

The following investments presented by Banco Interatlântico customers that demonstrate that they allow or will generate repayment capacity on the part of borrowers are considered eligible under this line:

a)     Financing to support the Treasury;

b)     Financing of production factors;

c)    Investment financing.

Documentation required for access to the line

  • Commercial Certificate (companies)/Document proving the constitution of a cooperative (publication in B.O.);
  • Promoters' identification documents.