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Trade Finance


Trade Finance is a line of credit, in foreign currency, targeted to businesses and individual entrepreneurs to support imports.

Trade Finance

Funding under the Trade Finance Line directed to Import Credit.

General credit in Euros with direct disbursements through transfer to the supplier account in the form of documentary credit or documentary remittance, for settlement of import.

Target population:
Companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Minimum  100,000 Euros
Maximum  3,000,000 Euros

Funding conditions:
Analysis of the Company accounts.
Disbursements by transfer to the suppliers? account.


The funds will be made available in installments or globally by transfer to the suppliers? account.


Period of use:
Immediate or in installments up to the approved credit.


Reimbursement term:
Up to 6 months per tranche.


Interest is paid monthly on the capital actually used.

The capital is paid in a lump sum at the end of the repayment period proposed by the customer to the limit of 6 months.

Commitment letter signed by the borrower or loan agreement.


Surety bond:
Mortgage of immovable property;
Guarantee of investments (deposits, treasury bills).


Legal system:
The credit will be subject to a Financial Agreement to be signed between the borrower and BI.

Required documentation:

  • Supplier's invoices;
  • Signed written request obliging the company.

Suspensive conditions to entry into force of the funding: 

  • Payment of the mounting commission;
  • Formalization of the guarantees.


  • Funding facility;
  • Possibility of negotiating rates according to the given guarantees.
  • Parties' Security. Exporters' Security - the exporter is assured of full payment of the exports value; Importers' Security - the Bank guarantees the customer that the payment to the supplier shall take place provided the latter meets the terms and condition of the contract.
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