Grupo Caixa Geral de Depósitos

History of Banco Interatlântico, S.A.

In the current context of globalization of the world economy, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) has been expanding its overseas direct presence in a balanced way, betting on Africa consistently.


Indeed, within the defined guidelines and strategy, CGD has sought to strengthen its presence in the countries of Africa where there is a favorable climate for foreign direct investment, following the movements on internalization of its customers, and seeking to foster cooperation, coexistence, the emergence and development of local businesses, as well as the progress of financial systems in all aspects.


So, in February 1998, CGD held the inauguration of a branch in Cabo Verde, with the aim to harness the potential of a developing economy and help boost the local financial system, complementing the traditional form of the Group's presence in Cabo Verde via the Representative Office of Banco Nacional Ultramarino.


In July 1999, CGD, in continuing the project of its implementation in Cabo Verde, proceeded to transform that entity into Banco Interatlântico by integrating the assets and liabilities, as authorized by local authorities, which represented another quantum leap in its presence in Cabo Verde.


CGD now holds 70% of the capital of the Bank, with the remainder being divided between a number of local businessmen and companies of recognized standing and representation.


The coexistence in Banco Interatlântico of know-how and the financial capacity of CGD Group with the knowledge and initiative of local entrepreneurs confirmed the reputation and credibility that has enabled us to be a greater capacity institution, promoting the process of modernization of the Cape Verdean financial system.


It should be noted that Banco Interatlântico has branches in Santiago, São Vicente, Sal and Boa Vista, all equipped with modern technology.


Banco Interatlântico is the partner of reference for the Cape Verdean residents and migrants, as well as all those who wish to keep or maintain relationships with Cape Cabo Verde, taking advantage of the synergies arising from the international platform and "rating" of CGD Group.

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