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BI Savings Account


Escudo by  escudo...

The art of saving


If you want to see your savings growing open a BI Savings Account.

BI Savings Account

At the Banco Interatlântico discover the art of saving with better return and flexibility.


Starting with  CVE 50.000 open your BI Savings Account, a term investment, with full flexibility, bringing together various deposits in a single account through additional deposits that can be made at any time. It enjoys a guaranteed return according to the term, like other term deposits


Target population:
Individuals: Residents, Non Residents and Emigrants


Interest rate:
Current rate. This can be negotiated case by case, depending on term and amount invested


12 Months. Renewable.


Periodic returns:
10 thousand Escudos


Payment of interest:
Interest is calculated and paid according to your plan at the time of opening a BI Savings Account, in the following ways:

  • At the end of the term and added to your  BI Savings Account;
  • At the end of the  term  and credited to your C A;
  • At the end of each month and credited to your C A;;



  • Ability to gather several deposits in just one account;
  •  Liquidity of deposits that can be moved prior to term, without penalty, if they occur on the dates of interest payment;
  • Ability to transfer interest to your Checking Account Deposit, and enjoy regular returns;
  • Ability to enjoy special interest rates with BI loan requests.

Escudo by escudo, make your savings grow.


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