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Who is an emigrant

A Cape Verdean emigrant is every individual born in Cape Verde, whether he/she keeps the Cape Verdean nationality, provided he/she makes proof of permanent residence abroad.

Who is an emigrant

Individuals deemed to be Emigrants:

  • Direct descendents of emigrants to the second degree;
  • Pensioners and retirees who have been emigrants, as well as their spouses, provided they receive pensions or similar income in foreign currency;
  • Widower or widow of emigrants;
  • Cape Verdeans who work at sea in the service of foreign vessels.


Evidence of  Emigrant Status:
To enjoy the benefits established for emigrants (interest rates, preferences and benefits) the evidence of  emigrant status must be updated annually  by  delivering personally or by sending the following documents to Banco Interatlântico:

  • National or foreign passport;
  • Updated employment book and residence certificate;
  • If you are unable to submit these documents, you must submit a certificate issued by the competent Cape Verdean diplomatic or consular authority, proving you reside abroad and hold gainful employment for more than a year.
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